“It’s our first time to join a trip and we’re very happy to have it with Zero Two Travel” – Sydney, Zero Two Travel guest and reviewer.

Zero Two Travel


Zero Two Travel are a boutique travel agency in Manila offering great tours to exciting destinations in the Philippines.

Not only do we cater for the budget traveler happy to join a group tour at the lowest cost, but we also offer personal travel assistance, customized packages tailor fit to your needs, and private guided tours.

As the owners of the company, we are Filipino and British, the perfect fusion to make sure that you experience authentic Filipino culture, with someone that understands the needs and standards of the west.

So whether you’re a surf junkie, a shutter bug, a history buff, a foodie, on a budget or with a budget, there is something for you at Zero Two Travel! Catering for both the Expat and Filipino community, we will guarantee that you will come back to us again and again.

Looking for something in particular? Head over to the tours menu and search for your destination. Looking for inspiration? Simply check out our tour categories:

  • Bangka Bunnies and Island Hoppers
  • Beach Bums
  • Cloud Surfers
  • Cravers Culture
  • Foodies
  • Mountain Lovers
  • Shutter Bugs
  • Surf Addicts
  • Waterfall Chasers

Zero Two Travel

Zero Two Travel

For open group events and tours, please check the events tab of our Facebook page. All details including price, itinerary and sign-up process are included in the Event description.

Don’t see what you want? Message our Facebook page. We are highly experienced in the travel industry and can work with your needs. We are also happy to give free advice and personal recommendations.

Want to learn more about our destinations? Check out our Travel Blog!

We also offer the following services:

  • Free advice and recommendations
  • Booking services
  • Personal itinerary creation
  • Google maps route creation
  • Vacation/event photographer/videographer and editor
  • English speaking tour guide/personal travel assistance