How To Prepare For A Beach Camping Trip

How To Prepare For A Beach Camping Trip - Zero To Travel

Tips for the perfect beach bum trip

Are you heading out to the beaches this summer for a camping trip with your friends? Beach camping is one of the most enjoyable vacations for those who love nature, and want to get away from the mod-cons of metro living. Don’t you agree that it is the perfect type of budget friendly trip to enjoy time with friends and family without the distractions of TV and gadgets?However, not everyone is suited to camping, especially those who like to hide under a soft comforter, watching TV in a nice air-con room. Anyway, here are a few tips on how to prepare for a beach camping trip that will help even the fussiest of people enjoy the experience!

How To Prepare For A Beach Camping Trip


How to prepare for a beach camping trip to prevent your personal belongings from getting wet in a storm, or if riding a boat?

On a budget:

We recommend a large plastic bag to waterproof your personal clothing. This will come in handy later when its time to sleep. Put your gadgets in plastic Zip Locks to keep them dry.

With a budget: 

If you have the budget, why not invest in a dry bag.  A little pricey but a great investment, especially if you will be having more trips. We recommend Tactics waterproof dry bags starting from P650. Click here to see more dry bag products on Lazada.

Pack the right things!

When going camping, it is essential that you pack light, and only the things that you absolutely can not live without! Use soft and durable backpacks that are right for you weight and height to prevent back strain.  Most backpacks come with a cover to further prevent water from seeping in. Another good investment if you have the budget.


  • Personal clothing. Always bring a couple of extra sets just in case. You never know, anything could happen. For example enjoying your stay so much, you want to extend for another day!
  • Swim/beachwear
  • Sarongs (see below)
  • Personal medication/toiletries
  • Snacks and extra water
  • Ziplocks/drybags to waterproof your gadgets
  • sunblock
  • mosquito repelant
  • camera and extra batteries
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • tissue/wet wipes
  • towel
  • additional plastics for personal trash/wet clothes


  • snorkel gear
  • hammock
  • sleeping bag/mat
  • powerbank
  • book

 Slip, Slap, Slop!

Protect yourself from sun burn and heat stroke, by following these 5 simple rules:

  1. Slip on a tee-shirt
  2. Slap on a hat
  3. Slop on some sunscreen
  4. Seek some shade
  5. Slide on some sunnies!


Creature comforts

If you do not have a sleeping bag, or no space for pillow/blanket, bring along 3 sarongs. Sarongs are lightweight and can be rolled up tightly to fit in any leftover space in your pack. They are very versatile and can be used for many things, not just covering up your cellulite! They can be used to cover your head to protect you from heat, as a towel, a make-shift laundry bag and a picnic blanket.  Not only this but you can use it for your bedding. Here’s how…

Remember at the beginning of this post, I told you how to water proof your clothes in a plastic bag? Boom! you have your self an instant pillow! No need to bring one and take up precious space in your bag.  Just use one of your sarongs to cover the plastic (heat, sweat and plastic is not a good combo), one sarong to lie on (the sand will be soft enough), and one as a blanket.

Keep Cool and Entertained

Like most beach camping destinations, there is no electricity or mobile signal (as the lord intended), so here are a few things you can bring along to keep your self cool and entertained.

  1. Usb micro phone fan. For less than p200, these little cuties plug into your phone and will keep you cool. Remember to bring your power bank though to keep your phone charged. Check out these products on Lazada.
  2. Good reads. Whether traveling alone or with a group, some “me” time on the beach is always a refreshing treat. Use the time to catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read for a while.

  1. Bring a Deck of cards. Feeling more social? There is nothing more classic than bringing a deck of cards to play your favorite games with your friends with a few refreshing beers to cool you down. 


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