15 Chilled Things To Do In Calaguas

15 Chilled Things To Do In Calaguas

What to do on your beach bumming trip to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas?

So you have arrived at the beautiful island of Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas. You’re tired from the long overnight trip from Manila. What are the must-do activities to make the most out of your vacation?  We’ve put together a few things to do in Calaguas to enjoy your beach bumming adventure!

For the chilled type:

  1. Beach Bum!  The essence of beach bumming is exactly that. To be a bum! Most people choose Calaguas as their ideal trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metro and disconnect from the digital loop. So lie back, relax and chill. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  What to do in Calaguas - Beach Bum! Zero Two Travel
  2. Grab a beer! Since there is no electricity on the Island and no mobile signal, Calaguas gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends and bond with new friends, without the distractions of the outside world.Activities to do in Calaguas - Grab a beer! Zero Two Travel
  3. Eat till your heart’s content! We have a full team of chefs based on the island that prepare some of the most mouth watering Bicolano Dishes. Typical Bicolano meals include recipes cooked with gata (coconut milk), alamang (tiny shrimp either fresh or dried) and labuyo (chili). Sample dishes are Bicol Express, Dinuguan, Sweet and Spicy Shrimp, Laing, Sinantol, Humba, Alamang Bola Bola etc. And the rice is all you can! You will certainly head home a few pounds heavier.
    What to do in Calaguas - Eat! Zero Two Travel

For the active type:

  1. Swimming!  Calaguas is known for its crystal clear waters. In fact the name Calaguas is derived from the two Spanish words Cal (lime) and Aguas (water).  The beaches of Calaguas islands are  some of the best waters you will find in the Philippines.Activities to do in Calaguas - Swimming! Zero Two Travel
  2. Play Volley Ball/Frisbee!  For those of us that like sports, there’s nothing more invigorating that a game of beach volley ball or frisbee.What to do in Calaguas - Beach Volley Ball! Zero Two Travel
  3. Trekking! Take a short trek to Hill Top View for a great aerial view of the cove.

What to do in Calaguas - Go Trekking! Zero Two TravelFor the creative type:

  1. The Compulsory Jump Shot! No explanation needed.
    What to do in Calaguas - Jump Shot! Zero Two Travel
  2. Float a Lantern!  With no electricity on the island, there is no light pollution in the night skies, and the view of the stars are amazing. Make your occasion extra special by bringing along a sky lantern and watch it sail the breeze.

  1. Snorkel/Take an under water selfie! With water as clear as this, Calaguas is the perfect place to do a spot of snorkeling and take some under water selfiesWhat to do in Calaguas - Take an under water selfie! Zero Two Travel
  2. Take a Groufie! Check out some of these awesome groufies in Calaguas.

For the adventurous type:

  1. Cliff Dive! For those folks that are more adventurous, try cliff diving at Balagbag Island.What to do in Calaguas - Dive off a clife! Zero Two Travel
  2. Kayaking!  Rent a kayak for an hour or so and float away into your bliss!
  3. ATV! Rent an ATV for a bit of off road speed.

For the romantic type:

  1. Propose! What a better to propose, but on a desert island. Check out these two sweethearts.

  1. Sunset Watching! There is nothing more beautiful than a coastal sun set.What to do in Calaguas - Watch the sun set! Zero Two Travel

Who said there are not many things to do in Calaguas?

So when considering your next summer vacation and someone says, there’s not much to do in Calaguas, think again! There are plenty of things to do in Calaguas and something for everyone; the chilled type, the active type, the adventurous type and the romantic type!

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