Tips for the perfect beach bum trip Are you heading out to the beaches this summer for a camping trip with your friends? Beach camping is one of the most enjoyable vacations for those who love nature, and want to get away from the mod-cons of metro living. Don’t you agree that it is the perfect type of budget friendly trip to enjoy time with friends and family without the distractions of TV and gadgets?However, not everyone is suited to camping, especially those who like to hide under a soft comforter, watching TV in a nice air-con room. Anyway, here

5 Mouth Watering Bicolano Dishes That You Must Try! Are you heading to the Bicol region this summer for a trip and are wondering what are the best Bicolano dishes to try? Bicolano people love to use chili, or “sili” in their dishes. They have an acquired taste for spicy dishes, combined with the creamy, exotic flavor of coconut cream or “gata“. The perfect fusion of flavors for even the fussiest of tongues! We have put together a few mouth watering Bicolano dishes, to guide you through the culinary chaos of provincial dining.

15 Chilled Things To Do In Calaguas What to do on your beach bumming trip to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas? So you have arrived at the beautiful island of Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas. You’re tired from the long overnight trip from Manila. What are the must-do activities to make the most out of your vacation?  We’ve put together a few things to do in Calaguas to enjoy your beach bumming adventure!

Transacting via Facebook Securely  How To Validate The Legitimacy of a Facebook Business With 1.8 billion users on Facebook, more businesses are using social media to manage inquiries, sales and customer services.  But, how do you make sure that you are transacting via Facebook securely? Facebook Messenger is now growing to be the most popular method of communication for many. Using messenger is an easy and instant way to contact the business that you want to engage with. Even more so for those countries providing free messenger access without consuming your data package! But how do you know that the Facebook page that you

The countdown and preparation for Christmas begins in the Philippines as soon as the calendar hits September, also known as the “Ber” months. The combination of Christmas bonus releases and holiday leaves make it tough to decide which travel opportunity to pick. Having this in mind, families and friends could get the most out of the yuletide season without going way too far from Metro Manila. Here are a few suggestions:

You may be familiar with this meme if you are a fan. And you may have experienced trying to organize and book a trip for a large group pf friends and have had endless problems in doing so, such as last minute back outs etc.

We have put together a few simple tips to help you organize a group as smoothly as possible.